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  • Luca Faloni - Second London Store

    We are proud to announce the launch of our new London store situated in St James Piccadilly.
  • Five of the World’s Best Brunch Spots

    ‘Food is the rock on which we build’, so wrote playwright and dandy Oscar Wilde and for the epicureans of the world, this statement is gospel. 
  • Linen: the Beautifully Enigmatic Material for the Summer

    When it comes to staying cool in summer heat, whilst maintaining elegance, linen is king. Despite this, it remains a surprisingly rare material, especially in menswear.
  • Most Beautiful Mediterranean Destinations to Sail

    These are the places which you should consider dropping anchor at this summer.
  • The Ones Who Wore It Well: The Polo Shirt

    We take a look at the polo shirt – and the sartorially fluent men who knew how to wear it well.

  • Versilia: From the Beach to the Mountains, Discover the Unexpected Tuscany this Summer

    This region faces the Tyrrhenian Sea with its long golden shore which runs parallel to a dramatic mountain backdrop. 


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