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  • Design Classic: Who really invented the Polo Shirt?

Design Classic: Who really invented the Polo Shirt?

It is believed that Polo shirts were invented by Jean Rene Lacoste, the famous French tennis Player. However according to history this style first made its appearance back in the 19th century in Manipur, India. British soldiers had set up the first Polo Club and the players were in need of a cotton shirt to keep them cool and comfortable, hence the Polo was born.


Brook’s Button

John E Brooks, grandson of the successful US firm Brooks Brothers, came to England to watch the famous Polo matches and was drawn to how the players collars would not flap around in the wind. Upon returning to the US, he applied this button down technique to dress shirts and made one of the original polo shirt designs. By launching this iconic style, he changed the face of menswear forever.


The ‘Crocodile’

Like in the sport of Polo, Jean Rene Lacoste looked for a more functional substitute to the tennis whites of the day, and by using his status he was able to design a suitable alternative. Lacoste ignored the on court trend to roll up the shirt sleeves and adjusted his designs in favour of a practical short sleeve. He also introduced pique cotton which gave breathability and still a fabric of choice to this day.

In 1926, Lacoste won the US Championship, wearing his first design with a tiny crocodile logo, making this the first visible sports brand in history.


Sport to Fashion

Fred Perry, another tennis legend, was in direct competition with Lacoste.  In 50’s America he grew in popularity with a younger audience who wore his shirts around town under their college sport jackets. This marked the beginning of sportswear used in fashion to create a statement.


The Polo Line

By the 70s, tennis, polo and golf players all had adopted the polo shirt, however it wasn’t until New Yorker, Ralph Lauren gave it the brand name ‘The Polo’, named after this wealthy sport, that the design stood for social grace and a timeless aesthetic. 


The Brera Polo Shirt by Luca Faloni 

From the British Military in India to modern sports and iconic youth cultures in history, the Brera Polo Shirt, has been designed with specific features to ensure that it fits into today’s ultimate mens capsule wardrobe.

Key features of the Brera Polo Shirt

Italian Cotton Pique: We selected the finest pique quality to ensure resistance, softness and breathability. Our Brera Polo Shirt comes in neutral shades to make it incredibly wearable and a timeless choice.

Fitted Look: Handmade in Italy with a fitted yet comfortable silhouette for an elegant look. Pre-washed to ensure no shrinkage.

Stand up Collar: Our signature 'Paramontura' collar provides an elegant shape for an overall classic look.

Mother of Pearl Buttons: Our signature mother of pearl buttons maintain an elegant look on a casual piece.

Adjustable: Unbutton the mother of pearl buttons and roll up the sleeves to keep cool during the day or keep buttoned for a smart casual look during the evening.

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