48 Hours in Lecce

    The Florence of the South is not a place to see but rather to experience. Lecce is a blend of cultures and traditions that retraces the history of the Salento region, where Roman architecture meets majestic baroque buildings and Greek influences. 

    Lecce is the embodiment of beauty resulting from the unique meeting of people and cultures in a land that speaks of southern Italian uniqueness and charm. Every narrow lane and hidden corner feels authentic and timeless, and every conversation is natural and joyful. Lecce's beauty lies in its atmosphere: a place where life can be enjoyed thoroughly.

    Forty-eight hours in Lecce is all you need to appreciate the beauty of one of the finest hidden gems of Italy, as long as you plan it well and know what to wear in every situation.

    Coffee: Caffè Alvino

    There’s no better way to start your day in Lecce than a delicious cappuccino and fragrant croissant at Caffè Alvino, the elegant café in the city centre. If you want to experience the Leccese lifestyle fully, try the unmissable rustico leccese, a salty pastry filled with tomato and mozzarella.

    Caffè Alvino is in Piazza Sant'Oronzo, right at the heart of Lecce. From here, you'll see a city brimming with life, with food markets and events that emphasise the local culture and tradition. Embrace the leccese lifestyle and blend in with the Portofino Linen Shirt in Dusty Pink, a garment that perfectly matches the timeless style of the buildings surrounding you.

    Culture: Basilica di Santa Croce

    The Basilica di Santa Croce is one of the finest examples of baroque architecture on the Italian peninsula. It took almost two centuries to bring to life this marvellous church, which required the efforts of some of the most respected local architects of the 17th century, including Francesco Antonio Zimbalo and his son Giuseppe, better known as Zingarello.

    The exterior is richly decorated with sculptures of Saints and animals; the rose window, by the sculptor Cesare Penna, is a mesmerising piece of work that'll lead you to the gates of this exceptional church.

    No words can describe the grandeur and power exuded by Santa Croce’s interior. The seventeen altars, the splendour of the columns and the wooden ceiling exude a sense of elegance and timelessness that's impossible to forget. 

    In front of such beauty, one can’t but try to match the splendour of this timeless place. The Ravello Linen Shirt radiates the elegance a visit to the Basilica di Santa Croce deserves while giving you the comfort and breathability you need during the long days in the southern weather.

    Aperitivo: Bar Viveur

    After a whole day exploring Lecce, there’s no better way to cool down and get ready for dinner than with a late-afternoon aperitif. Despite its timeless features, Lecce is a young, vibrant city, with trendy bars at every corner and elegant bistros that animate the city centre. The Elba Linen Jersey Polo is the perfect choice for your casual evenings in Lecce, with its smooth and soft fabric that gives you the comfort and subtle elegance you need as the day comes to an end.

    The legendary Bar Viveur is unmissable if you want to experience the true Salentino aperitif hour. Located not far from the Giuseppe Garibaldi public gardens, Bar Viveur offers a wide selection of wines and appetisers that'll introduce you to the rich local cuisine while admiring the magnificence of the city centre.

    Dinner: Blu Notte

    Just a few meters from Porta San Biagio, the historic Baroque-style city gate, there's one of the finest restaurants in Salento. Blu Notte is the perfect restaurant for unforgettable nights, with a menu showcasing the best the local food tradition has to offer. 

    In this cosy restaurant, you’ll find the freshest, most delicious fish served in carefully crafted recipes that combine traditional cuisine with a contemporary gourmet approach. The Salento area is also worldwide known for the quality of its wines and meat dishes, and at Blu Notte, you’ll be able to experience first-class dishes in an unforgettable atmosphere.

    You can make this night truly magic by wearing the classic look of the Portofino Midnight Linen Shirt: a garment that perfectly matches the attention to detail and unblemished quality of Blu Notte’s delicacies.

    Sleep: Pollicastro Boutique Hotel

    After a whole day admiring the splendour of Lecce, you deserve a rewarding experience like no other. With eleven rooms, each carefully designed to be unique and radiate a sense of luxurious elegance, the Pollicastro Boutique Hotel is the most iconic in the city, located within the walls of a sixteenth-century palace called de' Perroni.

    In the heart of Lecce’s city centre, the Pollicastro Boutique Hotel treats each room as a work of art with a different theme and soul, linked together by the meticulous craftsmanship and implicit magnificence the hotel conveys. Only our Amalfi Silk-Cotton Polo Shirt can match the elegance of your surroundings, thanks to a luxurious silk-cotton blend that provides the grace and comfort required in these superb premises.

    As your first day in Lecce comes to an end, the walls of the Pollicastro Boutique Hotel will remind you of the essence of this land and its people: a tradition that speaks of impeccable beauty, enduring class, and a passion for everything beautiful and worth experiencing in life.


    Linen Masters: From Flax Field to Cloth

    Excellent garments have stories to tell. Their rich texture embodies the passion and knowledge of generations, and the class they exude is a celebration of the virtues of craftsmen who dedicated their lives to bringing to life clothes of the finest quality.

    Linen is a textile that’s defined the history of menswear, thanks to its unique properties and the deep-rooted connection with humanity, which have used flax fibres to create fabrics since the dawn of time.

    Creating the perfect linen clothes is a process that requires knowledge handed down from generation to generation, experienced hands, and a vision: to craft a timeless garment of uncompromising quality.

    Over the years, Luca Faloni has developed unique partnerships with artisans and mills in Italy, sharing our same passion for linen excellence. The resulting synergy of Italian heritage and inventiveness is what enhances the qualities of our permanent collection, and today we’ll look at the journey every flax fibre must take to become a magnificent linen cloth.

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