The Ultimate Guide to Linen Textures

    At Luca Faloni, we combine stylistic and sartorial research with linen textiles of the highest quality. We proudly source our linen exclusively from prestigious Italian mills, which adds unique artisanal quality and fine craftsmanship details to our linen shirt collection.

    In this guide, you will learn our key types of linen textures from Mélange, Délavé and Mono Colour and we explain how to wear these premium textures to create your everyday summer wardrobe.

    For a casual summer day, you need to find the balance between style and comfort, wearing garments that allow total breathability for hours and radiate subtle elegance. Linen’s ability to absorb moisture has been well-known for millennia, and still today, linen is undoubtedly the best material for summer garments.

    Linen shirts offer a relaxed elegant look that works for any occasion, even far from the Mediterranean Sea.

    Mélange Linen: Tinto Filo

    Tinto Filo linen is the combination of two different coloured yarns woven together with a subtle pastel effect. At Luca Faloni, we use coloured yarn in the weft and white yarn in the warp to create very subtle classic pastel shades such as our Sky Blue, Blue Mélange & Flamingo Pink linen cloth.

    The mélange texture adds a premium character to our linen shirt designs and its naturally airy fresh appeal combined with the highest-quality linen is an ideal choice to keep you cool and looking stylish in the heat.

    Mono Colour: Tinto Pezza

    Our Tinto Pezza linen shirts are woven with vertical and horizontal yarns of the same colour to create an overall vibrant shade. This type of cloth is the most common linen textile and is used to create our house range of pure block colours such as Khaki Green, Black, Paynes Grey,, Navy Blue and our best-selling Capri Blue.

    Wear Tinto Pezza linen to create a statement for your evening soirees. Limit the colour palette of your outfit and enhance the quality of your garments for a minimalist and refined look.

    The epitome of smart casual dressing, a linen shirt with pure linen colour is also perfect company for any type of jacket, whether it’s tucked into the trousers or not. The additional colour contrast between the shirt and trousers is crucial as it’ll give more character to your evening style.

    Washed Linen: Délavé

    Délavé linen is famed for its soft finish and subtle colouring and offers an alternative to pure block colour linen. To create a faded washed effect the yarn is dyed before the cloth is woven, we use a Délavé yarn both in the weft and in the warp to create this unique, slightly mottled surface colour. 

    Adding a Délavé linen shirt to your wardrobe is the perfect way to enliven your casual attire and add a Mediterranean look to your style. For the ultimate laid-back attire discover our Chambray and Navy linen shirts.

    Striped Linen: Righe

    A striped linen shirt will add a dolce vita style to your wardrobe, thanks to its classic charm. It looks great both tucked-in or untucked and will enrich your semi-formal and relaxed after-work looks.

    A linen shirt shouldn’t be considered simply as a summer vacation garment. When carefully mixed with a linen suit and appropriate shoes (Oxford or double buckle), striped linen shirts provide the perfect balance between comfort and formality. Although it looks and feels great as standalone attire, the smartest way to wear a striped linen shirt is under a blazer: opt for a simple and elegant shirt, which will add depth to your outfit by mixing contrasting shades.