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We only use 100% pure linen from the oldest Italian mills, to ensure softness and durability.

Great quality linen is the perfect material for warm climates, due to its softness and breathability, and it is also one of the most resistant cloths.

Due to its unique properties, linen can be quite stiff to the touch at the beginning, and therefore discerning its quality before a few washes and wears can be difficult. However it will not take long to see the difference. Good quality linen will become softer and silkier over time, while low quality linen will retain its rigid and rough texture and will lose its shape.

To source our linen we rely only on the oldest Italian mills in Northern Italy. This ensures the fabrics will always be soft and comfortable and will keep strength over the years. Using prime quality linen is also critical to ensure colours will not fade away, even after many washes, making sure you will be able to enjoy your shirts for several summers.

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