In Conversation: Adam Kenworthy

    New York-based Chef Adam Kenworthy is a luminary in the vibrant realm of plant-based cuisine, celebrated for his innovative approach to culinary arts.

    What are you working on right now? (Particular project, launch etc.)

    I’m currently developing a menu for a new and exciting startup that combines my passion for athletics and food, but can’t say too much just yet! I also have been working in production and direction: developing shows, podcasts and online content.

    Could you describe your approach to developing unique and innovative dishes?

    My approach stems from my deep passion for plant-based cooking. This culinary journey has challenged me to approach food and ingredients with a fresh perspective, pushing boundaries and exploring new flavours. My love for mushrooms has recently inspired me to showcase their versatility and richness in every dish. 

    Additionally, I've dedicated over a decade to a series called "Sexy Salads," which was featured on an episode of Chopped. For me, a "Sexy Salad" is about more than just taste; it's a blend of aesthetics and nourishment. By focusing on vibrant plating, style, and colours, I aim to create dishes that not only look visually stunning but also leave you feeling invigorated and satisfied. This playful approach to salad-making allows me to inspire others to embrace plant-based cuisine and create nutrient-dense, beautiful dishes of their own.

    Many chefs have their signature style or ingredients. What would you say is your culinary "signature”?

    People see my food online and then discover my love of the visual arts. My culinary signature is the elevated presentation of my dishes, where I strive to showcase fresh ingredients in a captivating manner. Through my unique shooting and editing style, I aim to highlight the beauty of each component, offering viewers a fresh perspective on culinary creation and allow them to see the potential of each ingredient. 

    How would you describe your personal style?

    Simple, clean, and classic. I appreciate a modern take on classic designs, clothes that have a streamlined fit and minimal design approach. I look for clothes that represent high-quality craftsmanship, that way, I know they will last and the attention to detail will elevate my overall look.

    Your collaborations extend beyond the kitchen, often merging food with wellness and sustainability. How do you see the future relationship between food, lifestyle, and environmental consciousness evolving?

    It's been an enjoyable journey to see many of my passions intersect. I strongly resonate with aspects of the wellness industry, and I believe it's been a promising start. However, I'm continuously driven to push boundaries further. For instance, I aspire to craft a vegan menu for an international airline. My focus extends to hospitality as a whole: I'm drawn to the concept of premium experiences, especially within the wellness sector, where I see a gap in destinations offering genuine wellness retreats or vacations. This prospect excites me, as it holds the potential for significant environmental impact through conscious consumerism and a business model prioritising environmental standards.

    What’s your favourite dish to make at this time of year?

    Two things that are pretty constant in my world this time of year are tacos and pestos. While I don't combine them, they are the dishes I find myself making most frequently. I use pestos in various ways, such as with pasta, as a flavorful addition to stir-fried veggies, as a spread or dip, or even transformed into a salad dressing. Their versatility adds a vibrant touch to a range of dishes, making them a staple in my rotation.

    The best souvenir I’ve brought home…

    I have a penchant for collecting instruments during my travels. For instance, I have a sitar from India and a ukulele from Nicaragua. Additionally, meaningful souvenirs for me include items left over from my involvement in a non-profit project in Nicaragua called Finca Santa Marta. This local initiative transformed a farm into a community hub, where we established school gardens, built a pottery studio, and facilitated art workshops with visiting artists from the US collaborating with local children. I cherish the art pieces and pottery I acquired from this project, as they hold significant sentimental value for me.

    The recipe that changed everything

    I always share the story that sparked my culinary journey. It began during college with a simple breakfast burrito. My roommates and I, all avid athletes gearing up for days spent in the mountains snowboarding, rock climbing, and mountain biking, needed hearty breakfasts to fuel our adventures. Despite being hungry and on a tight budget, we were incredibly creative. So, we turned our kitchen into a battleground for breakfast burrito competitions. Looking back, I think I won—or at the very least, it ignited my passion for the culinary arts.

    What do you do when you need inspiration?

    My sanctuary lies in the mountains or by the ocean. Whether I'm shredding waves on a surfboard or carving through snow on a snowboard, these activities inspire and ground me. There's something about the vastness of nature and the rhythm of the elements that rejuvenates my spirit and fuels my creativity.


    48 hours in Zurich, Switzerland

    Nestled along the shores of Lake Zurich sits the largest Swiss city. Renowned far beyond Europe's borders, Zurich stands as a thriving financial centre with a dynamic cultural landscape and an unparalleled quality of life.

    In recent decades, the artistic scene of the city has undergone somewhat of a revolution, echoes of the industrial and avant-garde past blend seamlessly with the newfound status of one of the most stylish and sought-after European cities.

    This transformation proves Zurich's relentless commitment to innovation and creativity. From the spectacular Kunsthaus Zurich (Zurich Art Museum) with over 800 years of art history on display, to an array of international blue-chip art galleries, the dynamic Zurich art scene offers something for everyone.

    Aligned with its esteemed reputation, the city is home to numerous prominent international financial and banking institutions. But it's not only money that matters; Zurich equally fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and has established itself as a vibrant hub for innovation and research. Here, numerous global universities and technology firms have chosen to base themselves in the European centre of financial, business and innovative excellence.

    In Zurich, culinary delights abound and adding to the experience is a rich tradition of the finest chocolatiers. This includes Lindt & Sprüngli, whose artistry can still be admired in the factories located on the outskirts of the city. 

    ​​It’s possible to enjoy a breathtaking vista of Zurich in all its splendour from the Uetliberg Mountains that embrace the city. The very high point shows the bustling urban complex adorned with abundant greenery, revealing Zurich as a highly walkable landscape. Countless footpaths weave through the city, tracing the course of the river and connecting two forested chains of hills that envelop the centre. The vantage point provides visitors with the opportunity to savour tranquillity away from the cosmopolitan city buzz in the surrounds of unspoiled nature. 

    While strolling the quaint, cobbled alleys of the flawlessly preserved Mediaeval old town, one can't help but be lured by the charm emanating at every corner of this petite lakeside metropolis—the ideal destination for those seeking to embrace a cultivated lifestyle.

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