The Art of Cashmere Care

    Our timeless cashmere collection is crafted from pure yarn spun by talented craftspeople at Cariaggi - recognised for their Made In Italy excellence and softest cashmere yarns. We’ve compiled an expert Cashmere Care Guide with specialist tips on washing, drying and protecting your Luca Faloni cashmere and treasure for many years to come.


    There are multiple ways to wash cashmere knitwear. Since it is a natural fibre crafted from the soft undercoat of Mongolian goats, cashmere can be washed in water. 

    Dry cleaning is the easiest way to wash this knitwear and also the recommended method in case of stains. Alternatively, you can machine wash on a very delicate cycle at no higher than 30°C, and for no longer than 30 minutes. When machine washing, add an extra layer of protection by first popping it in a mesh washing bag or a pillowcase.

    For the cashmere connoisseurs, wash your cashmere garments by hand in a clean sink with lukewarm water. Use only a small amount of delicate detergent or a specialist cashmere shampoo to enhance its ultra-soft texture and protect the natural fibres. Always be sure to turn your garment inside out before washing.


    When washed, lay your cashmere garment on a towel and then gently roll and unroll it to remove any excess water. Never wring out, scrunch or twist as this can result in a misshapen garment. Once the towel has absorbed the excess water, lay your garment flat to retain its shape.

    Keep it away from radiators and direct sunlight, allowing it to air dry naturally.


    Each Luca Faloni cashmere knit comes with a luxury dust bag. To better preserve its shape, always store the garment folded and within the dust bag to keep it fresh and free from snags, and to protect it from moths. For extra protection, line your drawers or shelves with anti-moth paper or place cedar balls or lavender inside your dust bag. You can also hang rosemary in your wardrobe.

    By following these steps, your cashmere will retain its quality season after season.


    Drying cashmere garments flat should avoid creases, however, should any occur from wear, turn yours inside out and iron at a low temperature. Always place a cloth or towel between the iron and the garment to avoid direct contact.

    As cashmere fibres are shorter than wool, pilling is normal, but it can be removed easily with a cashmere comb, which we provide with your Luca Faloni garments. Lay your garment on a hard flat surface and brush from top to bottom, moving horizontally and applying firm pressure, as shown in the video above. 

    Wait for the first 15/20 wears to carry out this process for the first time as this is the time when initial pilling will appear more visible. After this, your garment will pill minimally and much less often but it’s good practice to repeat the process once per season for a neat finish.

    Luca Faloni Repair Service

    Complimentary repairs are available in-store for all your treasured cashmere garments. Get in touch with our customer service team at