48 Hours in Venice

    A cultural and historical capital, a constant source of creative inspiration, and the location of our latest campaign, Venice is undoubtedly one of Luca Faloni’s ‘must-visit’ places. And we’re not alone in our view. Around 20 million visitors visit each year flock to the patchwork of 118 islands that is Venice.

    Most are familiar with the water taxis and gondolas that glide beneath the city’s 400 bridges, the stunning Piazzas, the Basilica, the palace, and the Gothic architecture. They’re what draws so many to the romantic city. But there are plenty of gems to be found away from the major landmarks, so allow us to provide you with all the inspiration you need for a 48-hour trip to Venice.

    Coffee: Caffé Florian

    Situated in the iconic St Mark’s Square, Caffé Florian is thought to be the oldest café in Europe. It was opened on the 29th of December 1720 by its namesake, Florian Francesconi, and such famous literary names as Lord Byron, Marcel Proust and Charles Dickens were regular patrons. Another notable visitor was the one and only Casanova who, it’s said, was attracted by the fact that Caffé Florian was the only coffee house that admitted women at that time.

    Now, the café retains its original lustre, the walls and ceilings covered in 18th and 19th-century artwork. But it’s by no means stuck in the past and regularly hosts contemporary art events, discussions and exhibits. Embrace the meeting of the classic and the modern and don our Cashmere Zip-up as you sip coffee and watch the world go by.

    Culture: The Peggy Guggenheim Collection

    From 1947 to her death in 1979, the iconic art collector Peggy Guggenheim chose Venice as her home. It’s fitting, then, that her former abode is now the setting for one of the most important and notable collections of art in Italy and, indeed, Europe. There are an almost unimaginable number of masterpieces under one roof by artists including Max Ernst, Barbara Hepworth, Alberto Giacometti, Jean Arp, Agnes Martin and Salvador Dali. If a close-up encounter with some of the most iconic pieces of American and European art wasn’t enough, the museum also regularly hosts guided walk-throughs, discussions and workshops to help better understand the context and narratives around certain movements, collections or styles.

    If you want your look to reflect the spirit of the Guggenheim collection, why not opt for our Silk-Cashmere Polo? The classic shape, underscored by the luxurious fabric and elevated by the bold hue, is the perfect choice for soaking up creativity.

    Aperitivo: Harry’s Bar

    Once you’ve finished drinking in the culture of the city, whet your appetite with an aperitivo at Harry’s Bar. Just a short ferry hop across the Grand Canal from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Harry’s Bar is such an important part of Venetian culture that it was declared a National Landmark by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage in 2001.

    Opened in May 1931, the warm and intimate atmosphere of Harry’s welcomes you in. And you’ll be in good company. Peggy Guggenheim herself used to frequent the bar, as did Truman Capote, Ernest Hemingway, and Katherine Hepburn. To echo the cosy, classic undertones of Harry’s and its patrons, pair chinos with our laid-back yet luxe Cashmere Cable Knit.

    Dinner: Co Vino Ristorante

    Time for dinner. While much of Venice is rooted in the history and grandeur of the city, CoVino represents its modern identity. Inspired by the cosy nature of French bistros and with just 16 seats available, it’s certainly best to book in advance but it’s well worth the extra effort. Opened in 2013, CoVino is a slow-food restaurant, the menu created around local, seasonal ingredients from small-scale producers. The 100-strong wine list consists only of wines which are natural and produced in a manner that respects the nature it comes from, and chef Andrea is always happy to suggest pairings.

    The small setting doesn’t predicate a rushed experience. In fact, in the spirit of the slow food movement, guests are encouraged to linger and savour their food. No pretensions necessary, relax in the understated luxury of our brushed cotton shirt.

    Sleep: Palazzo Imperiale Piano Nobile

    The stunning 17th-century surrounds of Imperiale Piano Nobile allow you to indulge in the splendour of Venice from the moment you wake up. Located near Piazza San Marco, the apartment has been painstakingly renovated back to its original glory. From the ballroom to the master bedroom, each room is theatrical in its grandeur, the original stuccoes, antique furniture, and frescos bringing Venice’s history into the 21st century.

    Watch the sunrise over the Grand Canal, coffee in hand, in our Cashmere Hoodie, a flawless blend of comfort and refinement. And, if you choose to take advantage of the Michelin star in-room dining, change into our Oxford Cotton Shirt for sleek lines and an elegant finish.

    From beautiful architecture to contemporary culture, Venice has something to offer every traveller.


    The Cortina Chinos: A Sartorial Journey

    Elegantly tailored, wrinkle-resistant, and timeless: for decades, chino pants have been an integral part of a man’s wardrobe thanks to their unique versatility and durability. Luca Faloni has reinterpreted chinos by adding a modern touch to a classic design, enriched by the traditional approach and attention to detail typical of the Italian craftsmanship our garments radiate. The result is our cotton twill winter chino: Cortina.

    Cortina features a medium-thickness, cotton twill gabardine, ideal for the colder seasons and giving a unique silky, luxurious feel to your skin. We decided to name our latest chinos Cortina to celebrate the iconic history and lifestyle of Italy’s most charming alpine town, famous for its apres ski. 

    This article will look into the history of this fascinating fabric and how our Cortina chinos are made.

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    48 Hours in Chelsea

    In the heart of London, where regal charm meets contemporary flair, lies a district that has long been synonymous with refined taste, cultural splendour and sartorial excellence: Chelsea, where history unfolds at every corner, seamlessly intermingling with the contemporary boutiques, art galleries and culinary delights that now define the area.

    As the cobblestone streets echo tales of centuries past, Chelsea's allure is undeniable, beckoning to those with an appreciation for the finer things in life. From its inception as a riverside village favoured by royalty to its current incarnation as a nucleus of cutting-edge fashion and cultural expression, Chelsea embodies the quintessence of London's multifaceted identity. 

    King's Road is the embodiment of the district's historical significance and contemporary splendour. This iconic boulevard, once a royal route connecting Buckingham Palace to the historic village of Chelsea, has gracefully evolved into a mecca of style, culture and craftsmanship. Embarking on a stroll along King's Road is akin to traversing a living tableau of the district's rich narrative, where past and present converge in a harmonious symphony.

    From haute couture emporiums to hidden artisanal ateliers, Chelsea stands as a testament to the timeless allure of elegance, making it the perfect destination for those who seek to immerse themselves in the essence of refined living.

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