In Conversation: Ryan Barrett - Ceramics Artist

    London based ceramics artist, Ryan Barrett is working with new technologies allowing him to push the medium of clay to new boundaries, Ipswich born creative Ryan answers some inspirational questions.

    What is your approach to a new project?

    I normally start with a sketch which sometimes gets inputted into AI to modify and evolve my drawing for inspiration, I then input this into my computer to draw in VR from the inspirational images.

    What are you up to right now? Particular project, launch, etc.

    I currently have a large Solo exhibition in Mayfair, London at Asprey Studio Gallery covering 43 new VR drawn sculptures made from porcelain.

    How is your dressing style defined? Is there any style signifier you are known for? Do you have any particular styling rules?

    I would like to define my style as modern with a pop of colour, whether that’s a brightly coloured sock or accessory a subtle hint of colour makes it more playful. 

    What is a piece of clothing that you will always cherish?

    One of my favourite items currently is a ‘Workmans’ over jacket made from a solid robust material which I tend to slip over most daily looks, trying to not dirty it with clay.

    Which view from your past or present always inspires you?

    Some of my most inspirational artists would be Barbara Hepworth along with the classic Henry Moore, they both understand sculptural forms from scale and material leaving a huge impact on myself.

    What particular moment changed everything for you? 

    One of my big life changes was moving to London to study fine art at Goldsmiths, moving from a small town really opened up my doors to so many inspirational art exhibitions and exploring new adventures.

    What object would you never part with?

    One of my current tools I use on a daily basis working with clay would be my handcrafted wooden rib tools, used for shaping forms on the wheel. It's a very old tool but very common on the potter's wheel.

    Where is your favourite place to travel to?

    Japan is one of my top favourites currently, having so many cultural differences to the Western world you really feel you have stepped into another planet. They also share my love of ceramics in a very refined way.

    Which destinations are on your bucket list and why?

    One of my bucket lists which I'm about to currently tick off is a Safari in the Serengeti of Tanzania filled with a huge variety of animals and nature making it a real inspirational trip for my work.

    Why is Italy so important to you and why?

    I really enjoy working in Italy, firstly the food is amazing but Italy is truly the fashion capital of luxury fashion, the craftsmanship produced is outstanding and I am fully excited every time I visit.

    What's the best type of food to eat at this time of year?

    I am a huge fan of potato dishes generally, but I always like to start early with a matured Tartiflette, which I love to make and host around this time of the year.

    What object would you never part with?

    One of my current tools I use on a daily basis working with clay would be my handcrafted wooden rib tools, used for shaping forms on the wheel. It's a very old tool but very common on the potter's wheel.

    What is something that you've discovered recently?

    One of my most recent discoveries that I have infused into my practice would be working with AI and using its powerful capabilities for producing inspiration.

    Which music era intrigues you the most?

    I love to jump between lots of different music era’s depending on my mood and what I'm doing. I go from Nina Simone, Acoustic African Jazz to RnB and Hiphop.


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