We source the finest natural materials across Italy and work with the most skilled artisans in the country to design and craft our permanent collection directly for you.


    Expertly crafted by skilled artisans, our cotton epitomises classic Italian workmanship.

    We partner with the oldest Italian mills that have an artisanal approach to crafting cotton and carry out each step of the production in their territory, from Novara to Treviso. Decades of experience combined under the roof of their mills, situated in Northern Italy. Each metre is meticulously checked to ensure it reaches our high standards and different techniques are called upon according to the character of the fabric.

    Brushed Cotton

    Our brushed cotton shirts are made from the finest quality long-staple Egyptian Giza and Supima Cotton yarns to achieve a superior finish. The cotton is brushed on the face side to create a uniquely soft texture, which naturally captures heat without losing any of its breathable qualities. Supima is twice as strong as regular cotton, the longer fibre resists pilling, breaking and tearing resulting in a longer-lasting product.

    Brushed Cotton: A Cloth of Style and Substance

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    Cotton Piqué

    Our cotton piqué is handcrafted from a soft and breathable 100% Pima cotton which lends itself to everyday wear. This cloth is milled in Brescia, Northern Italy and features an all-over diamond pattern which makes it slightly textured to the touch, resistant and rich in colour.


    Our denim shirts are crafted in Northern Italy using denim from the renowned Albini mill - a fifth-generation family business, the mill has retained a manufacturing tradition of craftsmanship and quality.

    This premium and robust cloth features a soft handle and has been washed for a vintage look. It will develop its unique patina over time. The shirt presents fine details such as the Luca Faloni signature ‘Paramontura’ collar and mother-of-pearl buttons.

    Denim: Italian Heritage

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    Oxford Cotton

    Our Oxford cotton shirts are crafted from the world's finest Egyptian cotton, chosen for their highest levels of purity. This fabric is renowned for its hypoallergenic, fresh and breathable qualities making it ideal for daily wear.

    The cloth is spun by a premium Italian mill, using the doppio ritorto weaving method, which is a staple of fine shirting and results in a resilient cloth. Double-twisted cotton has a more compact handle, which is less prone to creases and is also easier to iron. Since it is less transparent than other fabrics, it does not show a possible T-Shirt under the shirt.

    Why is our cotton different?

    Brushed Cotton Shirt in Purple

    Cotton is a durable fiber with an incredibly natural performance. It is soft to wear against your body and has excellent breathability. We treat cotton as a precious fiber and include it in our carefully produced and long lasting garments.

    Our weavers are certified by Oeko Tex Standard 100, a Swiss certification which is a guarantee of quality and ensures that no harmful substances are used in the dying of the yarn and the finishing of their fabrics. Our mills support full transparency on their production chain by joining “TF Traceability & Fashion” an Italian project for social and environmental responsibility.