We source the finest natural materials across Italy and work with the most skilled artisans in the country to design and craft our permanent collection directly for you.


    Garments knitted in a Cashmere-Silk blend offer the luxurious and breathable feel of silk while preserving the unique insulating qualities of cashmere.

    The History of Silk-Cashmere

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    By combining the properties of these two exceptional fabrics, Luca Faloni brings to life soft and breathable knitwear that preserves its smoothness for years. The lightweight yet insulating cashmere and the soft feel and elegant appearance of silk are carefully blended by expert craftsmanship, resulting in clothes perfect for every season.

    The Cashmere-Silk blend from the Cariaggi Jaipur Collection celebrates the Italian artisanal tradition with the finest fabrics in the world. The Cashmere from inner Mongolia and the Mulberry silk from China are masterfully put together by Cariaggi, a worldwide-known mill based in Cagli, a medieval village in Italy’s Marche region. This ultralight and soft knitwear is the embodiment of over 60 years of research and development, selecting only the best fibres, carefully combining tradition and modern techniques, and employing environmentally friendly technology.

    The Result

    The result is an exceptionally velvety and durable silk-cashmere product that you can wear at all times.

    Knitting Masters: A Cashmere Tale

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    At Luca Faloni, we aim at creating exceptional products by partnering with the most experienced craftsmen in the Italian Peninsula, where the highest quality fibres meet the expert hands of artisans who rely on skills passed down through generations.

    Why is our silk-cashmere different?

    The silk-cashmere fabric is highly resistant, refined, and functional; silk prevents cashmere from stretching out, and while silk alone is prone to wrinkle, adding it to cashmere inhibits this property. The silk and cashmere blend also helps regulate your body temperature, with luxurious garments that gently drape around your body shape.