Our Leather Wallet

    A careful combination of traditional techniques and modern elegance, Luca Faloni’s leather wallets are a culmination of generational expertise. We only use full-grain vegetable-tanned leather from the prestigious Santacroce to ensure that every wallet is a functional piece of enduring style. A blend of timeless traditions and cutting-edge technology is used to maintain the leather's natural characteristics and ensure high durability with a luxuriously soft texture. These accessories embody the essence of Italian luxury in every stitch and fold.

    Our partners in Tuscany

    Our specially selected leather workshop was founded in 1964 in Florence, Italy, with a mission to redefine the standards of leather production. Inspired by the dynamic spirit of the era, the atelier quickly established itself as a world leader producer of fine leathers. Over 60 years later, this reputation prevails and to this day is still run by the founding Salerno family.

    Since the 14th century, Santacroce has been renowned for producing the finest quality leather and leather goods worldwide. This unrelenting dedication to superior craftsmanship and has led the region to become a pillar of Italy’s global reputation for the finest artistry and production of leather accessories. At Luca Faloni, we share these same values so we are proud to partner with the expert artisans of the region.

    The creation of a leather wallet

    From the initial selection of leather to the final quality check, each step in crafting a Luca Faloni leather wallet is the epitome of the expertise of experienced artisans, guaranteeing that the end product is not just an accessory but a masterpiece.

    The journey begins with the meticulous selection and cutting of the finest pieces of leather. This ensures each cut highlights the natural beauty and grain, a necessary process when creating an exquisite product.

    The next step, edge flattening, is where the real transformation begins. Using specialized tools, craftsmen skillfully strip the edges of the carved shapes. This process not only defines the wallet's contours but also ensures a smooth, refined finish, vital for both aesthetic appeal and comfort in daily use.

    Assembly, combining traditional skill and technological precision, is where the wallet starts taking its final shape. Each leather part is manually aligned and then joined with sewing machines. Every stitch and glued edge, are meticulously executed to ensure the wallet is elegant but also robust and lasting.

    Finally, quality control. For Luca Faloni and its collaborators, this is not just a step but a creed, certifying that each wallet upholds the highest standards of excellence.

    The process involves rigorous inspections whereby an experienced craftsman scrutinises the wallet to confirm flawless execution at every production stage.

    As a testament to the superiority of our leather and dedication to minimising waste, during the production process scarps and offcuts are collected and recycled into future products.

    The result is a leather wallet that carries the legacy of Italian tradition, a touch of contemporary innovation, and a deep respect for the environment. This exquisite fusion makes every Luca Faloni wallet a statement of enduring elegance and conscious fashion.