Gloves Craft: A History of Sartorial Heritage

    In a world where too often fast fashion takes the spotlight, the value of workmanship and tradition becomes crucial when creating sartorial works of art. Brought to life by boutiques and family-owned businesses that blend heritage with a refined style untouched by fashion trends, these garments speak of a passion for artisanship that spans generations. 

    The results are items of unmistakable class and beauty, and the high-quality raw materials and skilled finishing embody the sartorial perfection these laboratories have obtained through decades of history. 

    In its constant search to enhance the Italian sartorial heritage by offering superb clothing, Luca Faloni has partnered with Italian glove shops that can rely on unparalleled local skills to create luxury gloves of the highest quality.

    Cashmere and Suede Gloves

    With over fifty years of experience and a relentless dedication to excellence, the Bergamo-based, family-run boutique that brings to life our cashmere and suede gloves perfectly represents the rich local artisanal legacy of Northern Italy. 

    It takes between 30 to 35 steps to obtain these luxury gloves. The Cariaggi Cashmere is cut and ironed exclusively by hand to ensure the level of perfection and exclusive craftsmanship we aim to achieve with all our garments. As in the best Italian tailoring tradition, the lining is applied by hand and not glued to create unique nuances and magnify the handmade feel of the glove.

    The result is an elegant, carefully-crafted accessory that feels warm and enveloping while exuding class in every Winter situation.

    Cashmere-lined Leather Gloves

    The renowned sartorial Neapolitan tradition traces back to the Bourbon times in Southern Italy when local glovemaker workshops thrived and became a source of inspiration for artisans worldwide. 

    Today, this incredible heritage lives through the knowledge and passion of the few laboratories that withstood the passage of time, with artisans who carry on the sartorial culture established by their forefathers. This is the story of our glovemaker partner in Naples.

    For four generations, this family-owned business has developed cashmere-lined gloves that transcend time, created following the tailoring tradition that made Neapolitan artisanship iconic.

    Exclusively handmade or with the support of ancient sewing machines that are works of art in their own right, the cashmere-lined gloves feature cashmere 100%, comfortable inner linings and robust nubuck leather, entirely treated in Italy. 

    The resulting glove looks and feels timeless, with the external seams giving a more sporty and personalised feel to an accessory that’s the embodiment of Italian Winter elegance.


    Discovering the Finest Handcrafted Leather Belts

    Sometimes, a leather belt can enliven your style like nothing else: a garment that will enhance the quality of any outfit and that you'll love wearing for years to come. 

    Leather belts of the highest quality ensure durability and uniqueness for your everyday wardrobe. They hold their shape nicely and adapt easily, becoming more comfortable over time and providing a stylish look even after countless uses.

    They’re also highly versatile garments that fit perfectly with both casual and formal attires. You won’t need a plethora of belts, as long as you own a few in neutral colours to put on that will work on any occasion.

    Today we’ll look into what makes our handcrafted leather belts unique and why they’re the ultimate choice to enhance all kinds of styles.

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    The Art of Proportion: Crafting the Luca Faloni Mannequin

    Each element of our stores expresses our dedication to authentic craftsmanship, from the carefully selected garments on display to the furniture and lights that enhance our collections' timelessness.

    It shouldn’t be surprising that we pay particular attention to the bespoke mannequins that first introduce our creations to clients visiting our physical stores. The mannequins' aesthetics and design aim to showcase the same attention to detail that our garments embody, so we decided to collaborate with Bonaveri to create high-quality mannequins.

    The iconic Italian brand is the leader in creating unique, sustainable mannequins and is a superb example of Italian tradition that looks to the future. Thanks to constant research and an innovative approach to manufacturing, Bonaveri pushes the boundaries of ethical fashion whilst promoting Italian artisanal craftsmanship worldwide.

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