Knitting Masters: A Cashmere Tale

    Cashmere is a fibre that transcends time. It brings to life luxurious finished products that blend tradition and innovation, celebrating timeless excellence.

    At Luca Faloni, the only way to ensure the cashmere garments are of the finest quality is to rely on Italian artisans. Generation after generation, these masters honed their craft of transforming cashmere yarn into a work of art.

    Over the years, we developed long-term relationships with our partners: experienced and dedicated craftsmen who embody the best of the Italian tradition we aim to promote and represent. 

    From the yarn selection to the finished product, each step of this delicate process is perfectly tuned to create a garment that will last a lifetime: a manifesto of the finest craftsmanship that speaks of Italian culture and heritage.

    The Knitting Process

    The first step involves knitting the various pieces of the cashmere garment separately and to size by using specialised machines. This is a procedure that has hardly changed since the 18th century, the only exception being the speed and accuracy of the German-manufactured machinery involved. Expert tailors supervise the process throughout to ensure each piece is flawless and ready for subsequent operations.

    The next part is where the exceptional sartorial skills of our partners come into play. All cashmere pieces are stitched together by expert hands in a slow, century-old process that requires all the seams to be linked by hand. The final result is worth the wait: a premium quality product, guaranteed by exceptional raw material finished by experienced, meticulous hands.

    By looking at the garment now you may think it’s ready, but other necessary steps are required to ensure the quality and long-lasting, luxurious feel of cashmere. Washing the piece with dedicated products, with little or no chemicals involved, is a crucial step that allows garments to take their final shape and achieve the softness typical of this material. 

    Lastly, the logo attachment and final touches are handmade by seasoned artisans with a unique eye for detail. This is followed by the ironing and final control operations to ensure the final product's quality and sizing. Once ready, the cashmere garment is left to rest for 24 hours to let the fabric cool down and remove the steam.

    Tradition and Artisanship

    With over 60 years of experience in high-quality cashmere processing, our knitwear partner in Northern Italy is the perfect example of the quality and tradition we aim to represent. Now on its third generation, this small Italian laboratory oversees the entire process with us, ensuring each final garment is up to Luca Faloni’s premium standards.

    Our partners make the most of the new technologies that simplify the artisans' tasks without affecting the final product's excellent quality we pursue: yet many of the processes involved in cashmere knitting are done manually or by machines that haven't significantly changed over the last century. 

    In a world where speed is of the essence, we aim to prove that the finest creations need time and passion. The allure of Luca Faloni’s elegant cashmere products results from outstanding yarn quality, artisanal craftsmanship and Italian heritage, bringing to life luxurious and truly exceptional garments.