Linen Jersey: From Thread to Polo

    In summer, all we need are garments that can combine comfort and class with a design that speaks of attention to detail and a passion for the finest craftsmanship. Finding the balance between comfort and subtle excellence is what Luca Faloni aims for with its linen jersey collection, and a textile that will keep you cool even on the summer’s hottest days.

    The luxurious feel and breathability of linen meet the unique stretching properties of jersey, bringing to life lightweight polos and t-shirts that will last for a long time and won’t lose their shape easily.

    The Properties of Linen Jersey

    Jersey is popular especially for garments you wear directly on your skin because it's lightweight and can stretch considerably without losing shape; these qualities make it the ideal fluid textile for t-shirts and polos.

    We're all familiar with linen's prestigious qualities: its breathability, high absorbency and durability make it a unique fibre for timeless clothes, and the exceptional linen fabric Luca Faloni uses for its creations comes exclusively from the most renowned Italian mills.

    The result is a breathable knitted garment that combines elegance and versatility. Comfortable and durable, Luca Faloni’s linen jersey polos are smooth and soft to the touch while radiating the timeless class all our creations exude.

    The delightful properties of our linen jersey polos are further enhanced by the unique aloe treatment applied at the finishing stages. When it comes in contact with the skin, the aloe-infused polo releases its active ingredients, making the texture softer and less prone to creasing.

    Furthermore, the aloe magnifies the cooling effect of linen, conveying a pleasing sensation at the touch combined with the aloe’s subtle fragrance.

    Our Italian Partners

    For many years, we’ve collaborated with Botto Giuseppe e Figli Spa to bring to life the best linen jersey textile. Luca Faloni and Botto Giuseppe share a passion for Italian tradition and the desire for innovation while maintaining the highest quality standards typical of Italian craftsmanship.

    Botto has produced fine yarns and fabrics since 1876, and now in its fourth generation, the company’s relentless quest for innovation made it one of the best examples of authentic “Made in Italy”, with the entire production process taking place in their laboratories in Tarcento (Udine) and Vallemosso (Biella). Today, Botto thrives on promoting sustainable Italian fashion worldwide, thanks to 140 years of experience as a textile producer, an innovative approach to renewable energy and a passion for ethical, environmental production.

    The raw material we use for our linen jersey polos comes from Northern France, where experienced flax growers grow these natural fibres characterised by excellent breathability. Botto takes care of washing, combing, spinning, dyeing, warping, weaving, and finishing the linen jersey threads, ensuring the excellent quality of the end product with regular controls taking place at each step. The final touch is a special aloe treatment to enhance the material’s smoothness.

    Luca Faloni believes in collaborating exclusively with Italian producers who share their belief in the importance of slow fashion, defined by the perfect balance between heritage and innovation. Together, Botto and Luca Faloni create unique garments, a manifesto of tradition and ethical sustainability amplified by the innate qualities of Italian craftsmanship.

    The Making of the Linen Jersey Polo

    Our linen jersey polos come to life by the river of the Lake Iseo in Lombardy, where our Italian partners use the textile from Botto to create our classic designs. Now in its third generation, this renowned laboratory impeccably combines cutting-edge innovation with vast local experience in producing everlasting garments.

    Our Italian artisans provide a one-of-a-kind example of vertical manufacturing as the entire production process of the linen jersey attires happens within the walls of their laboratory in Northern Italy. 

    Before cutting the fabric, the textile is stretched and left to rest to ensure it'll maintain its final shape once cut. When it comes to stitching our artisans use particular techniques which are staples of their craft. The elegant Inglesina stitch creates a more durable and attractive seam from the outside as well as the inside by encasing in an additional row of stitching to create a neatly concealed edge. Lastly, final sartorial details such as Giglio stitching are used on our distinguished Mother of Pearl buttons.

    The resulting linen jersey polos offer superior breathability and durability. The natural softness of Luca Faloni’s polos adds a luxurious feel to garments that are versatile and perfect for all situations, while the unmatched comfort and stretching features of linen jersey textile will keep you cool and relaxed on the hottest days of summer.

    Sea Grey Linen Jersey Polo


    Linen Masters: From Flax Field to Cloth

    Excellent garments have stories to tell. Their rich texture embodies the passion and knowledge of generations, and the class they exude is a celebration of the virtues of craftsmen who dedicated their lives to bringing to life clothes of the finest quality.

    Linen is a textile that’s defined the history of menswear, thanks to its unique properties and the deep-rooted connection with humanity, which have used flax fibres to create fabrics since the dawn of time.

    Creating the perfect linen clothes is a process that requires knowledge handed down from generation to generation, experienced hands, and a vision: to craft a timeless garment of uncompromising quality.

    Over the years, Luca Faloni has developed unique partnerships with artisans and mills in Italy, sharing our same passion for linen excellence. The resulting synergy of Italian heritage and inventiveness is what enhances the qualities of our permanent collection, and today we’ll look at the journey every flax fibre must take to become a magnificent linen cloth.

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    The Portofino Linen Shirt: Crafting Excellence

    The millennial history of linen defined human culture, thanks to its natural breathability and durability, which made it a formidable garment untouched by fashion trends, exuding elegance in all its forms.

    Over the centuries, artisans learned how to master and refine this precious textile, making it the epitome of timeless class through clothes that speak of creativity, culture, and dedication to sartorial excellence.

    Inspired by the rich Italian tradition of working with the best fabrics in the world, Luca Faloni forged partnerships with the most experienced local artisans to bring to life a linen shirt that reflects the unique Italian heritage.

    The story of our Portofino Linen Shirt is grounded on local know-how and craftsmanship but with an eye on the future, embracing the values of sustainability and uttermost quality that transforms Portofino into a work of art and manifesto of excellence.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Linen Textures

    At Luca Faloni, we combine stylistic and sartorial research with linen textiles of the highest quality. We proudly source our linen exclusively from prestigious Italian mills, which adds unique artisanal quality and fine craftsmanship details to our linen shirt collection.

    In this guide, you will learn our key types of linen textures from Mélange, Délavé and Mono Colour and we explain how to wear these premium textures to create your everyday summer wardrobe.

    For a casual summer day, you need to find the balance between style and comfort, wearing garments that allow total breathability for hours and radiate subtle elegance. Linen’s ability to absorb moisture has been well-known for millennia, and still today, linen is undoubtedly the best material for summer garments.

    Linen shirts offer a relaxed elegant look that works for any occasion, even far from the Mediterranean Sea.

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