Live Like a Torinese: One Day in the Hidden Gem of Italy

    "Without Italy, Turin would be more or less the same. But without Turin, Italy would be very different." Umberto Eco

    Turin contains multitudes: a city that’s both industrial and artistic, ancient and modern, an amazing place of history and beauty where you can experience the authentic Italian lifestyle at its absolute best.

    Torino is the northernmost major city in Italy, facing the majestic Alps and constantly caressed by its breeze. Yet, the city feels Mediterranean, with an atmosphere reminiscent of a southern flair that couldn't be more different from the hectic, metropolitan style of nearby Milan.

    Nestled between the Po River and the Alps, Turin was a major national and European political centre for centuries. It was the first capital of unified Italy (the Kingdom of Italy), and the then-governing House of Savoy built majestic palaces and a modern infrastructure to celebrate the city’s importance.

    Like most Italian cities, Turin went through a series of significant historical changes that determined its architecture and aura. It was one of the country's first and most industrialised cities between the end of the 19th century and the early 20th century; together with Milan, Turin and its industry laid the foundations for the post-war Italian miracolo industriale: it is, to this day, a crucial crossroad for industry, commerce, and trade.

    If you’re looking for inspiration for your next trip to Turin, here's what you can do in 24 hours in the “little Paris” of Italy.

    Breakfast at Farmacia Del Cambio

    Breakfast at Farmacia Del Cambio is an unmissable experience when visiting Turin and the best way to start your day trip. The timeless design and atmosphere of the venue match perfectly with the exquisite delicacies and excellent coffee you’ll find in this unique boutique. A cornerstone for tourists and locals alike, Farmacia Del Cambio is a sweet and savoury food laboratory that will enhance your body and spirit before starting your city trip.

    Take a stroll in Giardini Reali

    The Royal Palace of Turin was built in the sixteenth century by the House of Savoy and was later modernised by the Baroque architect Filippo Juvarra.

    The Palazzo Reale became a museum in 1946 and today hosts an impressive array of artworks and archaeological treasures. The royal gardens surrounding the northern and eastern sides of the palace are just as spectacular: designed in 1697 by André Le Nôtre (who also designed the gardens of Versailles), the Giardino Reale is an idyllic spot in the city centre where you can relax for some time before your next destination.

    Lunch Galleria Subalpina

    At Galleria Subalpina, there’s a bistro where time travel is included in the price. An iconic restaurant that seems to bring you back to the 18th century, Cafè Baratti & Milano offers delicious food and probably the best coffee you can find in Turin, in an atmosphere that you’ll never forget. Once here, make sure you try the original taste of the ‘Bicerin’, the local hot drink made with espresso, chocolate, and milk loved by Pablo Picasso, Alexandre Dumas and Ernest Hemingway.

    San Federico Gallery & Cinema Lux

    The San Federico Gallery was built in the 1930s to create a modern commercial hub in the city: since then, it's been the epitome of Turin’s lifestyle, modernity, and dynamism: a place for entertainment, business and leisure in the city’s heart.

    The Galleria San Federico hosts the historical Cinema Lux, probably Turin’s most famous cinema. Built in 1934 and renovated in 2004, Cinema Lux still maintains the aura of timelessness and luxury envisioned by its original architects, Eugenio Corte and Giovanni Canova. The elegant marble on the floors and walls and the subtle luxury radiating from the furniture make Cinema Lux the perfect place for an unforgettable afternoon at the cinema.

    Aperitivo at Caffè Torino

    Caffè Torino is for those who want to experience the authentic Piedmontese aperitif surrounded by the charm of the past and the unique Savoy elegance. For over 100 years, the luxurious windows, majestic chandeliers, and precious marble welcomed intellectuals, royals, and showbiz stars alike. The perfect way to end a day trip in Turin is to experience Caffè Torino’s exquisite delicatessen and sip a delicious negroni while overlooking the magnificent arcades of Piazza San Carlo.