48 hours in Zurich, Switzerland

    Nestled along the shores of Lake Zurich sits the largest Swiss city. Renowned far beyond Europe's borders, Zurich stands as a thriving financial centre with a dynamic cultural landscape and an unparalleled quality of life.

    In recent decades, the artistic scene of the city has undergone somewhat of a revolution, echoes of the industrial and avant-garde past blend seamlessly with the newfound status of one of the most stylish and sought-after European cities.

    This transformation proves Zurich's relentless commitment to innovation and creativity. From the spectacular Kunsthaus Zurich (Zurich Art Museum) with over 800 years of art history on display, to an array of international blue-chip art galleries, the dynamic Zurich art scene offers something for everyone.

    Aligned with its esteemed reputation, the city is home to numerous prominent international financial and banking institutions. But it's not only money that matters; Zurich equally fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and has established itself as a vibrant hub for innovation and research. Here, numerous global universities and technology firms have chosen to base themselves in the European centre of financial, business and innovative excellence.

    In Zurich, culinary delights abound and adding to the experience is a rich tradition of the finest chocolatiers. This includes Lindt & Sprüngli, whose artistry can still be admired in the factories located on the outskirts of the city. 

    ​​It’s possible to enjoy a breathtaking vista of Zurich in all its splendour from the Uetliberg Mountains that embrace the city. The very high point shows the bustling urban complex adorned with abundant greenery, revealing Zurich as a highly walkable landscape. Countless footpaths weave through the city, tracing the course of the river and connecting two forested chains of hills that envelop the centre. The vantage point provides visitors with the opportunity to savour tranquillity away from the cosmopolitan city buzz in the surrounds of unspoiled nature. 

    While strolling the quaint, cobbled alleys of the flawlessly preserved Mediaeval old town, one can't help but be lured by the charm emanating at every corner of this petite lakeside metropolis—the ideal destination for those seeking to embrace a cultivated lifestyle.

    Breakfast: Odeon

    Art Nouveau icon Odeon has been serving all-day dining to some of the most recognisable literary, artistic and political figures for over a century, first opened in 1911. Yet, the Odeon is best enjoyed early in the morning amongst locals enjoying coffee and eggs within the traditional Viennese coffee house-styled surroundings. Lofty ceilings, elegant chandeliers and marble walls pay homage to 20th-century Zurich, juxtaposing the city's historical charm with its modern-day allure. Before embarking on a stroll along bustling streets, savour a moment of calm in one of Switzerland’s most storied institutions that embodies the essence of sophisticated living. Odeon was, after all, the first Zurich establishment to serve champagne by the glass.

    Stroll through the old town of Zurich

    A peaceful haven in the heart of the cosmopolitan metropolis, Zurich’s Old Town unfolds on both sides of the Limmat River that runs through the city, creating an oasis of old-fashioned charm in the midst of modern life. As you wander down the alleys, you'll encounter a variety of speciality shops, from traditional chocolatiers to quaint boutiques showcasing local crafts, each offering a unique glimpse into the city's rich history. 

    As you explore further, you'll find yourself immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of Oberdorf, where narrow streets exude timeless charm. Along the way, you'll pass by a delightful array of cafes and bars in the northern Niederdorf area, serving up refreshing beverages, traditional Swiss delicacies and international cuisine. Whether you're craving a freshly baked pastry or a hearty Swiss fondue, you'll find a tempting selection to satisfy your taste buds as you continue your journey through this picturesque neighbourhood.

    The late morning sun ascends gracefully above Zurich’s skyline, casting light on one of the city’s most iconic landmarks: the twin towers of the Grossmünster. Standing tall and proud against the azure sky, Grossmünster's imposing silhouette dominates the cityscape, a symbol of Zurich's rich history and cultural heritage.

    Meanwhile, nearby at the Fraumünster, also known as the Church of Our Lady, the morning light dances playfully through the vibrant stained-glass windows. These magnificent works of art, crafted by the renowned artist Marc Chagall, are a testament to human creativity and spiritual expression.

    Gallery: Kunsthaus Museum

    Renowned as the 'gateway to the arts', the Kunsthaus Museum inspires art novices and connoisseurs alike. The immersive collection spans from 13th-century masters to the pinnacles of contemporary art, serving as a tribute to the city's admirable pursuit of excellence expressed through creativity and innovation. Among the museum's most prized possessions is the work of Swiss artist Alberto Giacometti, whose iconic sculptures stand as testaments to the human condition. 

    Despite already holding the accolade for one of the most internationally renowned art collections in the world, recently the Kunsthaus became the largest art museum in Switzerland. Esteemed architect David Chipperfield designed the imposing, limestone-clad extension to function as a stand-alone building as well as being directly connected to the original museum via an underground tunnel. The cuboid, light-filled space brings a clear urban edge to the historic square, creating a harmonious space where imagination, dreams, and reality intertwine.

    Dinner: Kronenhalle

    In Zurich, you won’t be short of options when pursuing a fine dining experience. Still, few will match the unique sensory delight that Kronenhalle offers. Only here will you savour traditional Swiss cuisine whilst surrounded by timeless paintings of the old masters.

    Frequented by avant-garde artists, musicians, and actors since its inception in 1924, the establishment continues to play a significant role in shaping Zurich’s cultural life. Situated in the heart of the bohemian scene, just steps away from Kunsthaus Museum and the anti-fascist theatre Pfauen (the Schauspielhaus), Kronenhalle witnessed writers Max Frisch and Friedrich Dürrenmatt immersed in their intellectual duels and plaid frequent host to James Joyce, ​​the acclaimed Irish author. Seeking refuge on neutral Swiss soil during turbulent times, Joyce found solace in the warm embrace of Kronenhalle's artistic ambiance.

    Today, food connoisseurs, travellers, and locals alike are captivated by the enduring charm of Kronenhalle, enjoying the masterpieces adorning the wood-panelled walls in this century-old restaurant whilst relishing Zürcher Geschnetzeltes - Zurich-style veal in gravy.

    Bar: Old Crow

    Hidden amongst the back alleys of the city's old town, the Old Crow Bar is home to the best cocktails in Zurich, carefully mixed by legendary and skilful barkeepers. As you step through the threshold of the classic yet unassuming 1920s-style space, you'll quickly realise that its understated exterior belies the unparalleled drinking experience that awaits within.

    With a menu curated by award-winning hosts renowned far beyond the local scene, the full offering is nothing short of extensive - including a focus on rare whiskeys, rums, and ryes as well as Swiss beers and a delightfully varied champagne collection.

    Stay: Hotel Storchen

    The Hotel Storchen offers a rare slice of genuine tranquillity in the heart of the city and several of the hotel's 64 luxury bedrooms offer stunning views over Lake Zurich. Transcending all traditional notions of hospitality, as a guest of the Storchen you will truly feel as if you have arrived home. From private boat tours across Lake Zurich to the intimate cigar bar open daily, Hotel Storchen promises one of the most relaxing and unique stays in the city.

    Visit Our Store in Zurich

    In spring 2024, Luca Faloni is opening its door in the heart of Zurich, at Weggegasse Street located in the historic Old Town. Encounter modern style and traditional craftsmanship at its best as we imprint the essence of our convivial creativity in the shadow of the Alps. From the vibrant streets of Milan to the dynamic lanes of Zurich, we unveil our signature collection seamlessly aligning with Swiss values; celebrating tradition whilst embracing modernity.


    48 Hours in Chelsea

    In the heart of London, where regal charm meets contemporary flair, lies a district that has long been synonymous with refined taste, cultural splendour and sartorial excellence: Chelsea, where history unfolds at every corner, seamlessly intermingling with the contemporary boutiques, art galleries and culinary delights that now define the area.

    As the cobblestone streets echo tales of centuries past, Chelsea's allure is undeniable, beckoning to those with an appreciation for the finer things in life. From its inception as a riverside village favoured by royalty to its current incarnation as a nucleus of cutting-edge fashion and cultural expression, Chelsea embodies the quintessence of London's multifaceted identity. 

    King's Road is the embodiment of the district's historical significance and contemporary splendour. This iconic boulevard, once a royal route connecting Buckingham Palace to the historic village of Chelsea, has gracefully evolved into a mecca of style, culture and craftsmanship. Embarking on a stroll along King's Road is akin to traversing a living tableau of the district's rich narrative, where past and present converge in a harmonious symphony.

    From haute couture emporiums to hidden artisanal ateliers, Chelsea stands as a testament to the timeless allure of elegance, making it the perfect destination for those who seek to immerse themselves in the essence of refined living.

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