Men's Cashmere Blazer: Effortless Elegance

    The seductive richness of cashmere meets an iconic design with our new cashmere blazer. Its timeless lines, combined with innate practicality and stylistic versatility, make it an unmissable item in the contemporary men’s wardrobe.

    Refined and elegant, Luca Faloni’s cashmere blazer embodies quality Italian sartorial tradition that focuses on garments that can last a lifetime, with a naturally warm yet lightweight feel that makes it ideal for wearing in the colder months of the year.

    The Sartorial Process

    Crafted entirely in Northern Italy, the process that brings to life Luca Faloni’s cashmere blazer draws inspiration from the local sartorial heritage to highlight the luxurious properties of cashmere.

    The 100% pure brushed cashmere with a distinctive beaver finish comes from precious fibres that go through a traditional, delicate weaving process that enhances the textile’s qualities, while the beaver finishing notoriously mitigates pilling and further improves the blazer’s appearance over time.

    With over seven decades of experience in high-end tailoring, the family-owned Italian laboratory we partner with to create our cashmere blazer embodies the finest Italian craftsmanship, creating delicate items that celebrate tradition while aiming for constant sartorial innovation.

    Starting from cutting the various shapes of cloth, skilled artisans make use of cutting-edge technology to ensure the AMF stitching is perfectly done and long-lasting. The manufacturing process requires constant monitoring and manual interventions, which gives our blazer a unique handmade feel.

    The entire process is alternated by manual ironing cycles that ensure the refined look and feel of the final blazer. Once the buttons are attached and a last, thorough check has been carried out, the cashmere blazer is finally ready to be showcased in our stores.

    The Blazer

    The resulting blazer is a lightweight yet lasting outwear with a luxurious texture that further enhances the intrinsic qualities of the textile. The cashmere 330g (per square meter), finished using traditional tailoring techniques, guarantees years of softness and elegance in a fitting, versatile garment.

    The notch lapel celebrates the iconic and timeless Made in Italy, with a vibrant yet classic style that can fit both casual-chic and formal situations. The 2-button, single-breasted closure and the working buttons on the sleeve add a final handmade touch to a cashmere blazer that blends Italian tradition with contemporary versatility.

    How to Wear It

    Bridging the gap between casual and formal looks, a cashmere blazer features a spontaneous elegance no other outwear can match. Being cashmere, an excellent insulator, the blazer can be part of your wardrobe throughout the colder seasons, with a natural softness that feels enveloping in winter while being lightweight and extremely comfortable.


    Knitting Masters: A Cashmere Tale

    Cashmere is a fibre that transcends time. It brings to life luxurious finished products that blend tradition and innovation, celebrating timeless excellence.

    At Luca Faloni, the only way to ensure the cashmere garments are of the finest quality is to rely on Italian artisans. Generation after generation, these masters honed their craft of transforming cashmere yarn into a work of art.

    Over the years, we developed long-term relationships with our partners: experienced and dedicated craftsmen who embody the best of the Italian tradition we aim to promote and represent. 

    From the yarn selection to the finished product, each step of this delicate process is perfectly tuned to create a garment that will last a lifetime: a manifesto of the finest craftsmanship that speaks of Italian culture and heritage.

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    Wool Trousers: Entering the World of Vitale Barberis Canonico

    Over the years, ancient Italian mills have found a perfect balance between cultural heritage, new technologies and dedication to sustainability. The harmony between these seemingly incompatible elements is possible when deeply rooted traditions and a global perspective meet, making these artisans an example of historical value and innovation.

    In this context, the story of Vitale Barberis Canonico is a celebration of human creativity and modernisation spanning centuries, from its relationship with the Savoy family in the 17th century to the prestigious global brand offering wool of the finest quality we know today. United by the common goal of promoting the finest craftsmanship, Luca Faloni and Vitale Barberis Canonico bring to life wool trousers that honour timeless Italian elegance.

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