48 Hours in Stockholm

    A cosmopolitan capital, Stockholm has a heritage rich in art, design and a renowned culinary scene. Add to that an architectural legacy that encompasses old-world European charm as well as the slick, 21st-century modernism that’s become a hallmark of Scandinavian design and it’s little wonder that it has become a favourite destination for us here at Luca Faloni.

    Discover our store at Sturegallerian, and list of some of our top local haunts to check out, should you find yourself in town for a long weekend.

    Ett Hem, Sköldungagatan 2, 114 27

    Where to stay: Ett Hem

    ‘A Home’ in Swedish, it is one of the most unique places to stay. The owner, Jeanette Mix, wanted it to feel less like an establishment and more like an atmosphere you’d only experience when staying with a close friend. The townhouse hotel, which dates from 1910 only has 12 rooms, each with its personality and selection of handmade furniture, antiques and art. You’re encouraged to linger in the public rooms that include a library, living room and a conservatory, where an impressive smorgasbord is served each morning for breakfast. The only downside, however, is that checkout hour always comes too soon.

    Prinsen, Mäster Samuelsgatan 4, 111 44 Stockholm

    Dinner: Prinsen

    A grand dame of the Stockholm dining scene, Prinsen has been serving up traditional Nordic fare with a touch of French flair to discerning clientele since 1897. The wood-panelled interior, vintage photographs and Edwardian furnishings preserve its little-changed, Belle Époque feel and make it a refreshing alternative to the city’s slick, minimalist venues if your taste in interiors – and food – errs more on the traditional side. For those brave enough, sampling the restaurant’s selection of Aquavit – Sweden’s answer to schnapps – is a must, but be warned, it packs quite a punch.

    Himlen, Götgatan 78, 118 30 Stockholm

    The Bar: Spesso

    Discover the Milanese-style bar with an abundant garden at a unique rooftop location. Located on the 16th floor surrounded by the nearby Hötorgskraparna and right next to the iconic NK clock with a fantastic terrace and 360-degree panoramic view of Stockholm. Overlooking the greenery and water, Spesso is the perfect spot for enjoying well-crafted signature cocktails, small dishes and local DJs playing daily.

    Fotografiska, Stadsgårdshamnen 22, 116 45 Stockholm

    Art: Forografiska

    Fotografiska is one of the world’s leading photographic museums, showing inspiring and original exhibits from both emerging and established artists. Currently on show is Lightness of Being, a showcase of renowned photographer Peter Lindbergh. Experience all that he was inspired by: industrial landscapes, big city crowds and coastal strips, and dive deep into the art of creating striking stories within the framework of a fashion spread. Anyone interested in the art of photography and it’s cultural impact shouldn’t miss this exhibit.

    Vaxholm Fortress, Stockholm archipelago

    Day Trip: Island Archipelago

    Stockholm is the gateway to the second-largest archipelago in the Baltic Sea, which extends 37 miles to the east of the city and is made up of more than 30,000 islands. A regular commuter ferry takes you to Fjäderholmarna Island in 20 minutes, which has an abundance of artists’ studios with plenty of handcrafted goods on offer, from art to ceramics and glass. Whatever your interests, with so many islands to choose from, you certainly won’t be hard up for options.


    48 Hours in Lecce

    The Florence of the South is not a place to see but rather to experience. Lecce is a blend of cultures and traditions that retraces the history of the Salento region, where Roman architecture meets majestic baroque buildings and Greek influences. 

    Lecce is the embodiment of beauty resulting from the unique meeting of people and cultures in a land that speaks of southern Italian uniqueness and charm. Every narrow lane and hidden corner feels authentic and timeless, and every conversation is natural and joyful. Lecce's beauty lies in its atmosphere: a place where life can be enjoyed thoroughly.

    Forty-eight hours in Lecce is all you need to appreciate the beauty of one of the finest hidden gems of Italy, as long as you plan it well and know what to wear in every situation.

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