We source the finest natural materials across Italy and work with the most skilled artisans in the country to design and craft our permanent collection directly for you.

    The luxurious combination of silk and cotton results in a natural, lightweight, and silky textile, perfect for any season and exuding timeless elegance.


    This exclusive blend is the result of the centenary tradition of Italian craftsmanship combined with the finest raw materials. Breathable and comfortable, our silk cotton is highly versatile and regulates body temperature naturally, making it the ideal material for our luxury shirts, polo shirts and t-shirts.

    Reminiscent of the Silk Road of old, our silk-cotton garments tell a story that transcends time and traditions. The finest raw yarn that makes this breathable textile is processed in Biella, Piedmont, by a family-owned workshop that’s created exceptional fabrics for three hundred years. Ultimately, our garments come to life in Brescia, Lombardy, where experienced artisans create this lightweight knitwear following techniques passed down through generations.

    Silk-Cotton T-Shirts: Refined Summer Essential

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    At Luca Faloni, we value tradition and excellent artisanship above all else, which is why we collaborate with the most renowned Italian artists and laboratories. For our silk-cotton garments, we partner with Maggia, a family-owned Italian workshop that can rely on three hundred years of experience in crafting exceptional fabrics.

    Now in its ninth generation, Maggia combines Italian heritage and innovation by constantly researching the most exclusive raw materials, celebrating and innovating the rich local tradition by producing timeless, highly customised fabrics.

    “The silk-cotton we produce for Luca Faloni is a knitted jersey with a 28 gauge, which feels substantial but not overly heavy. The fine knit construction provides natural stretch and great ease of wear. We then piece-dye the material to ensure an even colour throughout the cloth”

    - Michele, textile artisan

    The Result

    This exclusive blend of silk (60%) and cotton (40%) is soft against the skin, breathable and hypoallergenic, making it a comfortable and natural high-quality fabric for every season.

    The silk-cotton garments created by Luca Faloni are versatile and timeless. Thanks to minimalist and classic designs that enhance the fabric's quality, our silk-cotton polo shirts and t-shirts radiate the implicit luxury and handcrafted refinement that distinguish the sublime Italian tradition.