Days Like These' Behind the scenes at Le Galinier, A Beaumier Hotel

    This spring, we embarked on a journey to capture the essence of anticipation - the fleeting moment of serenity when the spirit of adventure fills the air, welcoming longer days and heralding a fresh start. Spring is the season of renewal, echoing the promise of new beginnings.

    We travelled to the unspoiled landscape of Lourmarin in Provence and discovered the enchanting Le Galinier Hotel, a gem nestled within this idyllic landscape. Part of the esteemed Beaumier Hotel Group, Le Galinier seamlessly marries rustic charm with refined elegance, providing the perfect backdrop for a sartorial escape showcasing the traditions of Italian craft and style through a modern lens.

    Originally an 18th-century bastide - a quintessential Provençal country house - Le Galinier exudes timeless allure. Its interior, adorned with antique Provençal furniture and bathed in muted hues, served as a sublime contrast to our offerings of silk-cashmere knits, linen-jersey polos and linen trousers in soft earth and pastel tones.

    In the embrace of Le Galinier’s gardens, magic truly unfolds. Inspired by the natural beauty of its surroundings and orderly traditions of Provençal gardening, the grounds bloom with sage, myrtle, rosemary, lavender and roses - a symphony of colours and fragrances that captivate and soothe the senses. Here, the natural fabric of our linen suits harmoniously melded with the environment, with the clean lines of modern tailoring style providing a striking juxtaposition against the rugged terrain.

    At Le Galinier, tradition and modernity converge in perfect harmony, paying homage to heritage whilst embracing the allure of contemporary style and living. It’s a sanctuary where simplicity is celebrated and everyday moments are elevated to the realm of luxury. From the rich craftsmanship heritage of Northern Italy to the understated charm of Provence, our shared values found a home at Le Galinier, making it the perfect partner for our spring lookbook.

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    Linen Masters: From Flax Field to Cloth

    Excellent garments have stories to tell. Their rich texture embodies the passion and knowledge of generations, and the class they exude is a celebration of the virtues of craftsmen who dedicated their lives to bringing to life clothes of the finest quality.

    Linen is a textile that’s defined the history of menswear, thanks to its unique properties and the deep-rooted connection with humanity, which have used flax fibres to create fabrics since the dawn of time.

    Creating the perfect linen clothes is a process that requires knowledge handed down from generation to generation, experienced hands, and a vision: to craft a timeless garment of uncompromising quality.

    Over the years, Luca Faloni has developed unique partnerships with artisans and mills in Italy, sharing our same passion for linen excellence. The resulting synergy of Italian heritage and inventiveness is what enhances the qualities of our permanent collection, and today we’ll look at the journey every flax fibre must take to become a magnificent linen cloth.

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