The Travel Bag: A Patina for Life

    When elegance meets functionality, we believe in accessories that are more than just utilitarian; these are a testament to the artistry that arises from generations of skilled artisans dedicated to perfecting their craft and bringing to life timeless products. 

    Inspired by our mission to nurture the enduring craftsmanship that defines all our creations, Luca Faloni crafted the Weekender leather travel bag, delving into the very heart of Italian tradition and excellence, where each stitch and every contour exudes class and timelessness.

    Italian craft

    The Weekender tells a story of heritage, passion, and conscientious creation, all woven together in the heart of Tuscany.

    Our travel bag comes to life in Scandicci, where leather artisanship is an ancient and honoured tradition dating back to the 13th century. Here, a local family-owned workshop carefully creates items that speak of dedication and permanence, emphasising the unique approach to the craftsmanship of the Italian traditional leather makers.

    The process of crafting the Weekender bag starts with a careful selection of leather pieces, each meticulously cut into the necessary sizes and shapes. The edges are refined using specialised machinery, combining modern techniques with time-honoured tradition. Guided by skilled artisans, the bag comes together through a blend of manual assembly and machine stitching. At each step, quality checks ensure that the process stays true to its essence.

    Beyond aesthetics, the local artisans’ commitment to sustainability shines through as leftover leather finds purpose in eco-friendly centres, embracing a conscientious approach to production.

    Our leather

    The pieno fiore leather, derived from cow shoulders and carefully processed in Santa Croce, embodies the essence of Italian artistry. Here, local leather masters have harnessed the traditional wisdom passed down through generations, making each bag a piece of art that bears the mark of a heritage unswayed by time.

    Italian excellence, wherever you go

    Handcrafted in the heart of Tuscany, the Weekender celebrates the timeless tradition of fine leatherwork that has flourished here since the 13th century. Every detail has been woven into its creation, and every journey you embark upon becomes a part of its narrative, a true testament to the spirit of exploration and the artistry that defines Luca Faloni’s garments and accessories.


    Gloves Craft: A History of Sartorial Heritage

    In a world where too often fast fashion takes the spotlight, the value of workmanship and tradition becomes crucial when creating sartorial works of art. Brought to life by boutiques and family-owned businesses that blend heritage with a refined style untouched by fashion trends, these garments speak of a passion for artisanship that spans generations. 

    The results are items of unmistakable class and beauty, and the high-quality raw materials and skilled finishing embody the sartorial perfection these laboratories have obtained through decades of history. 

    In its constant search to enhance the Italian sartorial heritage by offering superb clothing, Luca Faloni has partnered with Italian glove shops that can rely on unparalleled local skills to create luxury gloves of the highest quality.

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    The Art of Proportion: Crafting the Luca Faloni Mannequin

    Each element of our stores expresses our dedication to authentic craftsmanship, from the carefully selected garments on display to the furniture and lights that enhance our collections' timelessness.

    It shouldn’t be surprising that we pay particular attention to the bespoke mannequins that first introduce our creations to clients visiting our physical stores. The mannequins' aesthetics and design aim to showcase the same attention to detail that our garments embody, so we decided to collaborate with Bonaveri to create high-quality mannequins.

    The iconic Italian brand is the leader in creating unique, sustainable mannequins and is a superb example of Italian tradition that looks to the future. Thanks to constant research and an innovative approach to manufacturing, Bonaveri pushes the boundaries of ethical fashion whilst promoting Italian artisanal craftsmanship worldwide.

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