Silk-Cotton T-Shirts: Refined Summer Essential

    A former epitome of masculine rebellion, T-Shirts today are an essential part of every man's outerwear: their comfort and universal appeal make them the perfect garment for the warmer seasons, exuding elegance while keeping you cool throughout the day.

    At Luca Faloni, we aim to create clothes that last longer and are timeless in their features, which is why we opted for the luxurious and versatile silk-cotton blend for our exclusive t-shirt collection. 

    The resulting textile carefully combines the best traits of both fibres, bringing to life a lightweight, smooth, and highly absorbent t-shirt: a most refined garment for everyday use.

    Silk-Cotton blend

    Silk cotton is one of the most magnificent blends as it combines the virtues of two fibres that have considerably different characteristics: the smooth, weaving texture of silk caresses the skin like no other fabric, while the cotton makes it easier to preserve the t-shirt in the long run.

    Our silk-cotton creations are highly breathable, hypo-allergenic, and have a natural sheen in appearance, which amplifies the implicit elegance our designs radiate. Moreover, as it naturally regulates body temperature, this blend is the perfect choice for year-round clothes.

    Thanks to the cotton in the blend, this lightweight knitwear also gains in elasticity and resistance, offering outerwear that will last longer and won't lose its shape easily. Furthermore, the fine knit construction adds unparalleled smoothness and a natural stretch to these superior-quality t-shirts.

    Italian artisanship

    Our silk-cotton blend is crafted in Biella, Piedmont, by Maggia, a family-owned workshop whose history traces back to the eighteenth century. Now in its ninth generation, Maggia combines cutting-edge technology, environmental commitment, and extraordinary expertise to create textiles that speak of Italian tradition and relentless research for excellence.

    The resulting cotton-silk garments are also a celebration of the local tradition, where the knitting and manufacturing techniques have evolved over the last three centuries while maintaining the artisanal soul that distinguishes Fine Italian Craftsmanship.

    Sartorial details

    This silk cotton T-shirt is the most luxurious T within our collection thanks to fine sartorial details. When it comes to stitching, our artisans in Brescia use particular techniques which are staples of their craft. The elegant “Inglesina” stitch creates a more durable and attractive seam from the outside as well as from the inside by encasing in an additional row of stitching to create a neatly concealed edge. The neckline of the silk cotton T is a further example of fine stitching as our artisans craft a particular thin hemline creating an overall elegant look.


    Linen: The Beautifully Enigmatic Material for the Summer

    When it comes to staying cool in summer heat, whilst maintaining elegance, linen is king. Despite this, it remains a surprisingly rare material, especially in menswear. In part, this is due to its higher cost compared to cotton, but also because linen polarises opinion due to its propensity to crease.

    The sartorial history of the Anglosphere is somehow opposed to creases, which are anathema to the rigidly suited style associated with traditional gentlemen. Yet as swathes of discerning Italian and French men have proved, a slightly crumpled effect can be a nonchalantly sophisticated look in warmer climates.

    It just requires knowing the properties of linen and how to get the most out of this fine material. In this article, we briefly explore the history of linen, its excellent properties and how best to wear it.

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