Discovering the Finest Handcrafted Leather Belts

    Sometimes, a leather belt can enliven your style like nothing else: a garment that will enhance the quality of any outfit and that you'll love wearing for years to come. 

    Leather belts of the highest quality ensure durability and uniqueness for your everyday wardrobe. They hold their shape nicely and adapt easily, becoming more comfortable over time and providing a stylish look even after countless uses.

    They’re also highly versatile garments that fit perfectly with both casual and formal attires. You won’t need a plethora of belts, as long as you own a few in neutral colours to put on that will work on any occasion.

    Today we’ll look into what makes our handcrafted leather belts unique and why they’re the ultimate choice to enhance all kinds of styles.

    Suede Belts & Woven Suede Belts

    Masterfully handmade in Bergamo, our suede belts look fantastic with jeans, chinos, and all possible casual outfits. These versatile belts are made with the finest Italian suede and have a subtle yet unmissable way of bringing your style to the next level. The hand-stitched buckle is the ultimate touch to this everlasting menswear item that will revitalise your attire in ways you couldn't imagine.

    Suede leather is made from the back of the hide and maintains its shape and strength over time. Top-quality suede, like the one we use at Luca Faloni, remains soft and supple without sacrificing the belt's resistance.

    Calf Leather Belts & Reversible Calf Belt

    Our calf leather belts are the embodiment of timeless charm: built fromfull-grain vegetable tanned leather from Santa Croce. They will only get better with age and will last a lifetime, enriching your wardrobe and heightening the elegance of your formal outfits, but will also enhance your jeans and everyday style. The nubuck leather at the back of the belt adds a touch of understated luxury that won’t go unnoticed.

    The calf leather offers the best durability and quality that will stand the test of time. Our reversible calf leather belts are essentially two belts in one, becoming the ideal choice for travellers also thanks to the luxury dust bag to store it.

    Nubuck Leather

    Nubuck leather has a velvety-soft texture on the surface that creates an elegant and unique finish. This quality leather is crafted from the top grain of the hide where the surface is made up of many small raised leather fibres that feel smooth to the touch and are more resilient than the inner layer, which is used to make suede.

    Discover our Nubuck Leather Belts, an ideal statement for more formal to business casual looks.

    Proudly Made in Italy

    How our belts are crafted

    After ensuring the leather's quality is up to our high standards, we start producing a new belt by cutting a leather strap. Embracing the traditional techniques of Italian craftsmanship, the procedure is laborious but reduces the amount of leather waste to a minimum.

    Next comes the skiving of the leather, a delicate process that gives fine leather belts a comfortable feel and softness. Done mainly by hand, this technique that allows achieving the perfect balance between thickness and flexibility is made possible by combining excellent raw material with the experienced hands of Italian artisans, who’ve maintained production traditions alive to this day.

    The two layers of leather, the belt’s inner and outer parts, are then assembled to create a beautiful yet robust belt with a raised centre that will last for years. Only then, once the design is close to completion, do we puncture the holes in the belt.

    The final stages of a leather belt’s production involve dyeing the sides and adding the buckle, exclusively hand-stitched to ensure extreme durability.

    Each handcrafted leather belt showcases a different texture of grains and lines, making it look unique and timeless. The variations in shade and colour result from the natural leather tanning process, which ultimately gives life to a garment that changes over time and will elevate any outfit for decades.


    Denim: Italian Heritage

    Italy is widely regarded as the producer of the most prestigious denim garments in the world, thanks to the premium fabrics and artisanal experience that dates to the 19th century.

    The manufacturers’ passion for authenticity is what made the art of denim production a “Made in Italy” excellence, where technology and innovation meet traditions passed down through generations. The result is garments that exude artisanal details and are durable and luxurious.

    Over the years, Luca Faloni has nurtured a collaborative relationship with Albini, a family-owned business with over a century of textile experience in the world of denim. Today, Albini - with its brand Albiate 1830 - is the leader in creating premium quality denim with an eye on sustainability and Italian tradition. Sharing a passion for authenticity, we aim at promoting Italian denim craftsmanship with superior quality garments.

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